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5.29.24| 7lbs 4oz


6.2.24| 8lbs 8oz


6.22.24| 6lbs 1oz


Abundant Life Birth Center provides comprehensive, family-centered prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. With births that take place at our beautiful birth center or in your own home, our midwives are skilled and sensitive to each family’s unique needs.


Get to know more about the midwives at Abundant Life Birth Center and how this special team of women work together to support you throughout your entire pregnancy and amazing birth.

  Abundant Life Birth Center was founded by local midwives who were called to offer safe and empowering out of hospital birth options. Where families can give birth in a loving, supportive, environment with completely individualized one on one care.


  The midwife team at Abundant Life Birth Center educates each family about the importance of preventative health measures and we practice evidence-based midwifery care. Our clinical and office staff are some of the most loving and caring you will find. We think you’ll notice the difference immediately when you step foot inside the birth center’s doors.


  We would love to talk with you during one of our complimentary consultations and learn about your family, what you are looking for in your pregnancy and birth, and answer any questions that you may have about a birth center or home birth. Let's get to know one another and plan for the most beautiful birth.



welcome home

It's called a birth center, because we're centered around You

Suite One 

Suite One is warm and inviting. This suite has its own private bathroom, shower, and has plenty of room for a water birth tub, should you chose to labor or birth in water.





Sarah + Summer


My prenatal care was second to none I enjoyed every moment of it and even in my time of doubt, the birthing staff helped me move along and get over my fears. I felt totally at home with not only the environment but all of the staff. All of the classes were wonderful and when it came down to having my daughter even though I was shown some roadblocks the staff was supportive with all of my decisions and in the end I came out with a beautiful wonderful and strong child.  


Abundant Life Birth Center is definitely one of the best things that you can do for not only yourself as an expectant mother but for your child. And when you leave you're not just leaving as a client you're leaving as part of the family.  


Kaylen, Joshua + Zoey


My experience with abundant life was incredible! These ladies are all so wonderful! Each midwife is knowledgeable, kind, and they are intentional and personal. They make you feel like more than a number with how they take their time in each visit, are thorough, and let you have the birth experience that you want (for me that was in the comfort of my own home)! 


The environment of the birth center is warm, peaceful and relaxing. Each appointment was something to look forward to and relaxing. 


The classes they offer along with their birthing services are so convenient and informative. They do a great job of preparing you for motherhood!


Cynda was amazing at my birth! She is so kind, caring, and made me SO at ease. She made the process peaceful and everything I ever dreamed it would be. 100% recommend! 

Lauren, Brielle + Teagan


There are not even words to explain how grateful I am for this wonderful group of women. I just gave birth to my second daughter and I had the birth of my dreams in the comfort of my own home and in the most supportive and loving environment. I decided to switch to the care of Abundant Life Birth Center later in my pregnancy but even still I was made to feel like part of the family and have been so happy with my decision. It was an amazing experience for my husband, toddler and also myself and our newest addition. I couldn’t recommend this team more! Love them and all that they do to empower and love on women in our community!

Shawna + Seth

The past ten months we have spent with these women have been nothing short of incredible. We went from being told we would be enduring a high-risk pregnancy to a fun loving environment where I was allowed to follow my body’s needs and take a natural approach to pregnancy. On November 12 We gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby girl 100% natural medication and intervention free pregnancy and birth. I truly believe this would have never been possible if we didn’t join the abundant life family. We are taking away so much more than just our little girl but a whole new set of friends who feel more like family. We could never thank every one of you enough 💕

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