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Every great story has a birthplace, this can be yours.



  Our daughter's birth story began while my then fiance and I would pray for her, talk all about how she'd be, what she'd look like and how much we wanted her. We got married and four months later we found out we were pregnant. I never had a desire or longing for children like most women say they do but at thirteen weeks pregnant I was blessed with that kind of love.

  I knew I wanted an out of hospital birth, a natural birth, one where I let God take control and let my body do what it was designed to do-give birth. I knew that things can and do happen but I wasn't going to worry about what ifs. I just wanted to be present in what was happening, how I was carrying and growing life inside of me and how it was my job to create a space to welcome her into the world. That's it. Of course, I dragged my feet as I naturally do with making any firm decision. I researched birth centers in my area and reached out to a family member who recently gave birth at Abundant Life Birth Center not really thinking it was an option as we lived an hour away. She had nothing but encouraging words and praises from her experience with these women. I found myself on their website, reading through all the information as I had no clue what an out of hospital birth truly meant so I called. The phone was answered by Tammy who took the time to answer my questions and suggested I attend a group tour. So we did and I fell in love. I knew from that first phone call that this where we needed to be. It took 2 more months until I made my final decision. In that time I had a lot of family resistance, outside opinions, fears projected from others, questions that I wasn't asking but somehow I had to provide answers to, cancel care elsewhere, you name it. Once I did, everything fell into place. 

  Michael and I experienced a lot during those 9 months of preparing for Eden. Abundant Life became our family, our support, our therapists, our friends, our cheerleaders and the most important people I trusted my life with and my child's. The morning my mucus lining broke I texted Tammy, even texted her a picture, and her careful words "it could be happening soon" marked the beginning. That evening we made our way to the center and found out Cydna was to be our midwife! Morning came and I went into Active Labor. I had mentally prepared for this moment, been coached and made aware of what was to come at all my prenatal appointments, we even attended a birthing class where apparently they went over pushing (something I thought didn't apply to me) and when those contractions came my body went to work. Through God's grace along with the care and coaching of my midwife and birth assistant who also acted as my doula, I had a supernatural birth. I prayed my way through my contractions, I listened to my coaches as they prepared me every step of the way. It was truly remarkable how they knew exactly what was coming just before it came and how to make my body best prepared for it. I pushed for one hour and on that final push, which you know when it's happening, she arrived healthy, happy, and full of love!



  The day I met Tammy (through our loving, amazing doula, Sandra) transformed the course of our pregnancy because we were under the care of an entirely different team at the time. Making the switch to Abundant Life was by and large the best choice we made- as we were feeling rushed, fearful, and unmet on the path we were on. With Tammy’s team, we felt truly understood. From moment one, each of our many questions were answered honestly and fully, and we felt so truly ready to give birth. We met obstacles along the way (fetal arrhythmia, breech position), and were expertly guided through these obstacles- always feeling fully informed. Tammy is the most intuitive human being I have ever met- she comes at every scenario with a respect for the details in it- who YOU are, what YOU need, who your baby is, what she/he needs, and she never misses anything! The best, most tender, and most humane care we could ever imagine was provided during the time it was most needed and most appreciated. Thank you forever, Tammy, Sandra, and Cynda! Love and gratitude from Kisti, Steve, and Baby Betsy (who flew past Tammy and into Sandra’s arms almost exactly 24 hours after my water broke- *most magical moment ever.)



  Not sure where to begin! From the very first visit/consultation, the team welcomed us with open arms! We were looking for assistance with a VBAC and finding support was hard. Most places tell you that once you have a c-section, you must always have c-sections. We wanted different. Tammy was so encouraging, and she filled my heart with so much love and determination! The quality of care during our prenatal visits was incredible! They take time to answer any questions you might have. I loved the advice and counsel on my diet and how to grow a healthy baby without excessive weight gain. I never received that with our first pregnancy at the doctor's office.  The birth team makes you feel like family instead of just another number. The birth of our son in our home was the healing experience I needed, and I owe a lot of that to Tammy and her amazing team! We got our VBAC!


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