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Why Should I Choose Abundant Life Birth Center?

For many women, giving birth in a place that is safe, comfortable, and honors their birthing wishes is of the utmost concern. Abundant Life Birth Center offers an environment that is hard to achieve in traditional birthplaces, simply because Abundant Life Birth Center offers such personalized care:

Is Abundant Life Birth Center Properly Licensed?

Yes. (explain)


(also could explain any qualifications)

What If Complications Arise?


What Pain Management Options Are Available To Me?

  Water birth can be an incredible addition to the relaxation and peace of a labor or birth.  Filling a tub and lowering the lights brings a calm to a mother’s birth space almost instantaneously. She can then use the warmth of the water and it’s buoyancy to support and comfort her through each contraction that brings her closer to meeting her baby. The midwives and support staff of Abundant Life Birth Center are well trained in the safety and risk of water birth and are very comfortable with facilitating most labors and or births in water.

Can Family And Friends Visit?

Abundant Life Birth Center's mission is to give control to the parents in deciding how they want to birth, which includes whom they want to attend the birth. Who and where you want family and friends to attend is your choice. You have time to make this decision. As you come nearer to your due date the answer to this question will have probably already revealed itself. 


The "Family Room" in the birth center is a place where your family and friends can wait for your baby's arrival.  

Which Insurance Providers are Accepted?


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