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Meet the Midwives and Tour the Center

Come spend some time with one of our midwives during this information session and tour.  We will go over what it looks like to be in care with our Abundant Life Family.  Come with a list of questions that are important to you.  We look forward to meeting your family and reviewing out of hospital birth options.  Click here to book your visit and then select tours and classes.   

Childbirth Education / 4 part series or all day Saturday course

Come spend time with other families who are preparing for a natural childbirth. We will do a complete review of:

  • Stages of labor, coping methods
  • when to call the midwife
  • what labor looks like and feels like
  • what to bring to the center with you or how to prepare your home
  • postpartum and newborn care
  • breast feeding and how to avoid “boobie traps”

You will meet other families who have just given birth and are ready to tell their stories. You will be able to ask questions of these families and our staff. You will need to be at least 26 weeks pregnant to attend.  Book at the link above.  One day class is under special events and the four part series is under courses.  Click here to book your class and select either COURSE for 4 part class or Tours and Classes for 1 day class dates. 

Cloth Diaper 101

Cloth diapering can look overwhelming to first time moms or those looking to convert. However this class can make you feel at ease in just one short meeting. Come learn the ins and outs of cloth diapering. Get your hands on different brands, shapes and styles. There will also be a question and answer time.  Book your class here under the tour and classes link.  

Baby Wearing 101

Expecting? Or have a new baby? First time parent or parenting pro? If you are interested or curious about Babywearing, please join us for an awesome class with certified Babywearing educator Brittney Beason. In this class we will learn the stages of spinal and hip development in infants and how this pertains to Babywearing. We will discuss Babywearing safety and how to always make sure your baby is safe and secure while being worn. We will learn the many benefits of Babywearing for parents and caretakers and well as for baby. We will review several types of carriers and the stages they are appropriate. We will spend time on Ring Sling use for newborns. This is the simplest and most affordable way to wear newborns, as well as the safest for baby. If you have any carriers you are welcome to bring them with you for demonstration and assistance. No question is inappropriate, and bring your hubby or anyone else you would like to learn about Babywearing!  Baby wearing class dates can be found here.

Breastfeeding 101

Come as you prepare to welcome your babe to the breast! Dawn Bond, LC and one of the founders of Bellhouse Doulas will discuss topics that can ensure a long term breastfeeding relationship. They will include:

  • The Golden Hour: A Baby’s 9 Instinctive Stages
  • Stop the Clock
  • Claiming Your Right to Instinctively Mother
  • Latching & Positions
Tongue and Lip Tie Checks
Hydration & Nutrition
  • Tools and Tricks
  • Community resources for more support

Breastfeeding class sign ups can be found here and then click Tours and Classes. 

Recover Your Core

This class is for moms who are at least 10 days out from a vaginal birth and 6 weeks out from a cesarean birth, as well as the mom of any postpartum age. This class focuses on rebuilding the pelvic floor and stability muscles of the core, so that mom can safely resume functional movement and exercise after birth.  This is NOT an intense fitness class, but rather a therapeutic approach to repairing the damages brought on by pregnancy and childbirth, (bladder control issues, diastasis, weak core, prolapse, low back pain, and incontinence, to name a few).  The Postpartum Recovery class (PPR) follows the 4th Trimester Fitness Method for recovering the core and pelvic floor after childbirth.

Please click HERE for dates and sign ups.