Birth Center

Our new Birth Center has two beautiful birth suites, two prenatal care rooms, and education room, and family waiting area. We know you will feel right at home when you visit us!

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Welcome to our lobby! From the time you step into Abundant Life Birth Center, we hope you feel welcome.

Tammy Dieffenbach - entry

Suite 1

Our 1st suite is warm and inviting. This suite has its own private bathroom, shower, and has plenty of room for a water birth tub, should you chose to labor or birth in water.

Suite 2

Our 2nd suite is calming and tranquil. This suite has its own private bathroom and deep, spa-like labor tub and shower.

Education Room

The education room is where most of our classes are held and is set up for you to learn in a relaxed and welcoming space.

Tammy Dieffenbach - classroom (2)

Family Room

The family room is just that, a family room. We invite you to come in and make yourself at home during your visits.

Tammy Dieffenbach - familyroom

Prenatal Space

Our prenatal space is a quiet and sacred place for you to spend one-on-one time with your midwife team during your prenatal visits.

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